5 Games Like Diablo 3 For Pc

5 Games Like Diablo 3

Interested in finding when Diablo 4’s going to come out, or are you not happy with Diablo 3’s gameplay since it’s been under the hood for a long time now? Are you disappointed by the developers who had released the mobile version instead of a new expansion to the PC version of the game?

If that’s the case, we have worked hard to find 5 of the best alternatives to Diablo 3 for PC.

5 Games Like Diablo For PC

  1. Titan Quest

Much like the Diablo franchise, TItan Quest is well respected among the action RPG fan base. The game shares the same battle tactics as Diablo and its design is similar as well. Although you can tell that it is a bit outdated.

Even so, its last expansion made the game a classic for action RPG fans. The Anniversary Edition of Titan Quest costs $20 on Steam and will keep you hooked for days even without any friends to grind together with.

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  1. Path Of Exile

If you want something that looks and feels exactly like Diablo, but it’s free and has a constant flow of updates, then Path of Exile is your kind of game. Grinding your games has set an example for free-to-play games with this one as it’s overflowing with free content, has no pay-to-win microtransactions and its gameplay is flawless.

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Comparing it with Diablo, Path of Exile shares the same dark design of Diablo 2 combined with the re-playability of the 3rd game of Diablo.

  1. Mu Legend

Undeniably MU Legend doesn’t share the same feelings as the classic MMO but as an action RPG, it does its job perfectly. MU Legend has been brought to the web by Webzen and we’re excited about being able to play it.

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However the developers did a bad job with its microtransaction system adapting to the western model, so you might face some issues on that matter. If what you want is flashy animation and extra looking characters, then MU Legends is your first destination.

  1. The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing

It has got a bunch of titles on its back, each with its own unique feel and featurs. Apart from magic and fantasy, this franchise is filled with weird science experiments, unique characters and a dark setting. If you haven’t jumped into the trilogy already,

we suggest you grab the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing final cut, which merges all the trilogy stories into one unique experience. What this game lacks though, is the long term effect that Diablo 3 offers.

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  1. Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is a comparatively new genre in the action RPG genre, however, it’s a really notable one. Many Diablo 3 players may tell you that they’ve started playing this game in the hopes of finding their next favorite game, and they haven’t left it ever after that. This is the perfect time for you to start playing it, as there may be more expansions coming up to this game.

So this is the list of only 5 games like diablo 3. There are even more, you can check out the full list of 15 Similar Games Like Diablo 3 to Play in 2019. You can read the full article on diablo 3 similar games at impact research.

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