A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Runescape 3

Beginners Guide to Runescape

Runescape 3 isn’t exactly the third Runescape game but it’s just another iteration of the Runescape series. Once you create your account on Runescape’s official website and log in, you can customize your character to give it any look that you want.

You have 3 modes to choose from: Normal mode, Iron-man mode, and Hardcore Iron-man mode. The normal mode gives you the usual Runescape experience, but in iron-man mode, you’ll have to perform most of the activities by yourself. Even if you choose a character right now, it can be changed/customized later in the game, but the mode can’t be modified, so please be careful about that.

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Firstly, you get to an area called Runescape Tutorial Island. Here, you can learn the basic functions in Runescape but still has a nostalgic feel to it. Following the tutorial, there’s a series of 7 tasks that will teach a new player the basic skills of the game.

After completing the tutorial, you get the first quest assigned to you in the game, called the Bloodpact. It’s kind of a mini-quest that teaches you about the ranged shots using arrows and some magical spells.

Runescape is an entirely free-to-play game, and you can have hundreds of hours of fun in the free version of the game. But at the end of the day, you’re only limiting yourself from the wonderful members-only areas and many other exclusive privileges only for premium users.

Some high-level areas are blocked until you meet the skill/quest requirements, but those are too few. You can also unlock numerous more quests just by purchasing a premium membership to the game. For every skill that you train to achieve, you will also have many rewards associated with it. For example, at level 99 you can get a skill cape that has a nice perk depending on your skill level, and lets you show off your achievement to the others.

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For even more dedicated players, there’s the master-skill cape which you can get at reaching level 120, and each of your skills would become 8 times that of a regular level 99 player. In a certain category of skill, you can also get an expert cape, and receive a cute little skilling pet for teaching it a number of skills. If you unlock 99 in every skill, you’ll get the max cape.

For the players who’ve completed all quests, accomplished regular challenges can also get the ultimate completion cape.

With the update in combat mechanics, battles in Runescape can be very exciting and intense, whether it’s farming cute monsters or farming intimidated bosses. New or returning players might get a bit overwhelmed with the new combat system as it’s a lot more in-depth than you’d have ever thought of.

Thus, it’s important to learn the basics by attending the Combat Academy in Lumbridge. Although there’s not too a special combat style in the game,  you can keep playing and eventually come up with a style that you’re the most comfortable with.

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