Antivirus software-which one is best

best antivirus for pc

If you are having the Personal Computer or other devices without having any antivirus, that means to invite the virus in the device. Buying the antivirus helps a lot in that case.

The antivirus is the software which provides protection to the devices against the virus and other malware to the computer and maintains it properly by providing full security.

The installing of antivirus in the PC will allow it to get safe from both the side either online or offline.

When it comes to choosing the one, there are multiple options. One is free to pick any software which will suit the requirements. There are many free antivirus’s available as well as paid ones are also there. Here is a list of top 10 free antivirus softwares for you to get started with.

Do you know that software cannot protect the PC against all the threats, so it is very important to pick the right choice? Below given is the selection of few antivirus software from which one can make the selection for protection of PC.


It is the antivirus which is available on the window and MAC both the platforms. It is the one software which provides solid performance which is very easy to use also.

Avira is the software which is great in its working which gave the 99.99% protection proven when tested from AV-Comparatives. One can create numbers of scans which will run throughout some time for the protection of the PC.

Get ensure that you have set the daily scan or the weekly full scan. It will provide real time protection to the PC which safe the device from all types of virus and other threats.


Now the window and MAC is safe of your PC with the help of antivirus. The bitdefender is the antivirus which keeps the device safe from the virus with having the anti-phishing and anti-fraud features in it.

These two features are making security better. It is designed to light on the system. It also has better solutions for the malwares to protect the PC.

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The avast is having little lower ratings of protection to the PC as compared to the other ones, but still, it is high. It is the application which is having low resource usage leads to slower down the computer also. It is a simple application which is easy to use.

There is no need to use any instruction manual to set up with this app. Other than all of this, avast is a good choice when it comes to looking for any of the antivirus software.


AVG is the antivirus software which works well with both the protection against malware and system resource usage also. The AVG is also offering some other systems such as clean up, mobile antivirus application.

There are a few reasons which lead to not have a good reputation, but many people find it best for their working within the easy pay.

No one can make a claim for any software which one is best. It all depends upon the requirement which will help an individual to take the decision for the antivirus software.

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