Coin Master: Important Elements of the Game you Should Know

Coin Masters Things to Know

Moon active has created one excellent game called Coin Master, which is not available in google play store.  But you can get the game from android market. Many players struggle in the game without knowing the essential elements, so here we are with details of original features of the gameplay.

Coins and Bag of Coins

When we are discussing coin master and slot machine, then the real jackpot is the coins. When three symbols of coins come together, then you receive a handful of coin. But when you see three bags of currency, your reward increases.

Although you do not get a jackpot every time if only one or two places have coin symbol, you can still receive some coins from the game.

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The shield is one of the most excellent rewards that you can claim if your spin reveals three symbols of shields. In each shield jackpot, you get one shield for protection of your Village. When other players raid your Village, and you have Shields, your Village is safe.

But there is only one thing to note. Only three shields accumulate in your game. When your all three shield slots are filled, and you get another shield jackpot that is converted to a spin.


You can get spins directly from the slot machine. While your spin stops of you get three spin symbols, then you know that you have received spins in reward. More spins is equal to more chances of winning coins. You can also get coins from several legit coin master cheats easily.

You get ten spins from the spin jackpot.


From the slot machine, another great reward is received when you match three pig faces. Pig faces are an entry to steal coins from your friend’s Village.

Every pig face gives you three shovel that you can use in the Village to dig the places of the Village. You are given four spots, and you can dig three out of them. As you uncover the spot, you get coins or chests.

The fourth-place remains for your pet. If your pet is active, it appears at the place and reveals some coins for you from this last marking.


When you get three hammers in the game, you know that you are going to another village to destroy. However, your raid can be repelled of that Village is shielded. Whether you are defended or not, you get some coin from every attack.

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Village Shop

The village shop is another place where you spend coins and purchase structure and their updates. When you purchase all items and their updates, the Village is completed, and you move to the next one. Every construction gives you one star which gradually fills your star meter.

Daily Lucky Wheel

Daily you have a chance of spinning the lucky wheel that gives you coins. The coin reward maybe 50K to 70 M.

Increase Your Bet

In coin master slot machine you can get multiple of your win through increasing your bet. But you need to spend spins accordingly. So if your bet is doubled, you get double the amount of any of the above elements.

So what are you waiting for? Play the game and crash the slot machines.

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