CSR Racing 2 Cheats To Earn Free Resources in Game

csr racing 2 hack

CSR Racing 2

NaturalMotion is back again with yet another marvellous drag racing version for all the CSR racing fans. But this time the graphics are vast and extensive with thousands of car models that will take your racing experience to another planet. CSR racing 2 is a game only for car lovers and modifiers to create the best of designs from the world’s best car companies.

However, these high-end cars require a lot of price for maintenance, and that is controlled through the coins in the game. As such, you can play the game with the earnings of your races with waiting times for your parts upgradation.

But if you are of that kind who lives life on edges, then you will not wait for any, and you will require additional coins to FastTrack everything. In such cases these CSR racing 2 cheats are useful.

This sequence has a bunch of surprise in the store for you. To all those who have been trying to find out some tips and cheats about the game, we are here to help you.

CSR Racing 2 Cheats and Hacks to Get Coins and Gold

Start Perfectly With the Green Light

A perfect start is all you need to go a long way in a race. To get an ideal start, should always set your tachometer to the green part by revving the motor.

CSR racing 2 cheats are different than its previous version of this game, where instead of the visible green light, you had to rev the engine at a particular speed to get the green light. But in this version, you will see it on your tachometer at the very beginning.

Upgrading & Its Advantages

Upgrading is an essential activity in the game. If you want your cars to run faster on your racing track with smooth gears, perfect shift, improved engine, body and a lot of things, then upgrading is a necessity. You cannot win more races without upgrading your cars for a long time.

If you want to beat your opponents with your super cool moves, then you have to make sure to get everything upgraded otherwise you cannot earn more coins. csr2 cheats in this case are, an upgraded car is better than a higher model new car in the race.

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You will notice there are a total of seven possible upgrades in the game which can be done in the exchange of coins and gold. Out of the seven updates, three of them can be done quickly, but for the 4 and 5 upgrades, you have to reach at a particular stage with sufficient currency.

If you can’t wait for the right step to get them, then you can also go for spending the actual money. But our csr2 hack is to remain tight and continue the coin digging in the game.

Join the Crew and Grow Together

Like all other games, CSR racing 2 also allows its users to join a crew. In this, you will get the chance to play along with the team and help each other to get Respect points. Respect points are a csr2 hack, which is given to the players who help other players by sending items or coins.

While playing with your crew, you will be given some tasks to complete, and points will be given accordingly to each player. Here jobs are specified as seasons containing several tasks for a particular period.

Perform as many tasks as you can since this CSR racing 2 cheats are an excellent side income. The amount of work you do in these tasks will decide how much you are going to earn in the end.

Tuning Makes It Happen

Tuning has the power to make the car even better. Our csr2 hack is whenever you get the chance then get your car tuned. The tuning options will start unlocking as soon as you reach level 2.

There are different tuning options available at varying levels of the game like nitrous oxide unlocks at level two, transmission at level four and level 3 for better tires.

You will get two options to go for tuning mainly, the regulation races and the dyno option. Always go for the regulation races as it enables you to earn money whereas you have to spend money on the dyno option. Re-tuning is also important.

Get Ready For the Boss Races

As the word ‘boss’ represents, this race is the boss of all other races in CSR Racing 2. Boss races are the most competitive races in the game, and you have to be powerful to stand in the competition. Mind this csr2 hack that you have to get all your parts upgraded and tuned before getting into the boss races.

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It is better to be prepared for the battle other than facing a loss without making efforts. Get as much fusion parts as possible before the race.

Grinding is a Key

At some stages, especially at stage 5, you have to keep grinding yourself to get perfect parts and coins. Grinding is among best csr2 cheats like you can understand the whole gameplay by going through the stage again and again. By grinding, you will get to know about some rare points which can get you coins and items for your car. You can also unlock some rare part through the process of grinding.

Don’t Forget To Claim Your Rewards from Donna

There is Donna garage in the game which offers some fusion parts or other imports every four hours of the day. You will be asked to open one crate from them. These csr2 cheats can be availed by always keep your phone’s notifications on to grab them.

Never make a mistake of not claiming any part just because it does not match your requirement. Collect all the items you are offered and store them for your future purpose. These extra items can also help you to earn coins by selling them in the store. You can use them to make some extras if you are going out of cash.

Watch Videos and Get Gas for Your Car

Gas is a primary requirement in any car racing game and so does in this. But sometimes you have to wait for too long to get a small amount of gas. You can also get gas by spending your gold in the game. Honestly, it is not possible to spend a considerable amount of gold on gas as gold cannot be quickly earned in the game.

There are other csr2 cheats for you to get gas. You can watch videos in the game to get gas. Every time you watch a video, a certain amount of gas will be given to you. You can watch many videos until you get your tank full.

Link Your Game to Facebook

Facebook is another cheats for CSR racing 2 to get gas and other rewards. When you connect your game to your Facebook account, you will get all the latest updates and offers on Facebook. You can also share the game with your friends on Facebook to get more gas for your cars.

Customization is Critical

To get the chance to enter into Custom Trial races, you have to keep your car customized at least for once. Custom Trial races are an excellent CSR2 hack of earning coins and gold and are pretty easy to clear.

But if you want to enter into them, you have to get your car customized. There is a wide range of customization options available in the CSR racing 2 including a wide variety of paints, rims, brake callipers, etc.

Take Part in the Non – Storyline Races

There are several storyline based races in the game which can make you earn premium currencies of them. But one poor thing about the storyline races is they occur only once in a day like the daily races and tasks.

There are many races like PvP races, prestige cup, restrictions trials, Supply Cup, Custom Trials and many more races through which you can earn a right amount of RP, gold, and fusion parts for your car. PvP races are the best cheats for CSR racing 2 among all of them to earn a significant amount of RP.

The Right Time to Sell Parts

Never get into a hurry for selling your parts or cars in the game. To know if the parts or the cars are available for trading you can click on the ‘I’ option. If you need some instant cash, then you can also sell the identical parts stored in your inventory.

CSR racing 2 hack is to store your cars and parts for the future needs as anything can be required in the game.

CSR Racing 2 Mod files – don’t use them.

Through the article, we also give you the real information about CSR Racing 2 mod apk files. When you are in desperate search of CSR racing 2 unlimited coins, then it is obvious that you will pay some attention towards these mod files.

These mod files are not original files from the developers and many times have various file types associated with it. You might not be able to detect whether these files are an original game or any malicious object is hiding inside.

People have experienced malware detection through anti-malware software for many mod files. So as a safe game player, it is advisable to stay away from downloading these files.

Also, we express our concern about the CSR racing 2 gold generator sites. No site can give unlimited coins except the developers. So better concentrate on our csr2 cheats and enjoyably play the game.


There is one universal question of all the gamers; is it a pay to play the game? Now you know how to hack CSR racing 2 through the above gameplay tricks. We have already specified that the game is playable without the purchase of coins. All you need some patience and proper timing.

Following our CSR racing 2 cheats you can achieve all such items that you need for a smooth play. So concentrate on the racing and be a pro-racer in a week.

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