KissCartoon App –Full guide to use the app

kiss cartoon was always the most popular one site among the users where they can totally enjoy free cartoons with high-quality videos.

After this site went down, the fans of the website were waiting for its comeback. For all the KissCartoon fans, a mobile app has been launched where they can watch their favourite shows anytime anywhere. Since the website has been shut down by the authorities, a mobile app for android versions has been launched. And people are also liking this app too. That means, still among the peoples, kiss cartoon is the best option to watch shows online.

In this article, we will provide you with all the details about the mobile app where you can download this app and how to use it. Follow the steps below to download the app.

  • Search – First, go to the browser and search Kisscartoon mobile app to download.
  • Website – A lot of websites will appear in front of you where you can download it. Choose a website where you can download it.
  • Download – When you open the website, a link will be shown to you where you can download it. You can just click on that link, and your download will start.
  • Start using– Once you downloading is finished, start using your app and enjoy the unlimited streaming of cartoons, Anime and Drama.

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How to use the app

Read the full article below to know how to use the app. Once you download the app, you can watch a wide variety of cartoons shows and anime. So here we will tell you about the app.

  • Sign in – To take full advantage of the KissCartoon app, you have to sign in on the app first. To complete the sign-in process, you have to give your email ID and set a password. Once you are signed in to the app, you can enjoy the full features of the app.
  • Cartoon list – On the home page of the app, you will find a ‘kiss cartoon’ button, and by clicking that button, you will get the whole list of the cartoon in front of you. You can choose what you want to watch every time you visit the app.
  • KissAnime – Just like the website, the app also contains a separate list of Anime where you can enjoy a wide range of anime. All you need to do is choose which anime you want to watch, and it will start playing.
  • Search bar – This app works just like the website. Mostly all the feature are the same as of the website. you will also get a search bar here where you can search whatever cartoon, anime or drama you want. This feature will help you find whatever show you want quickly.
  • Help – If any problem arises in front of you in viewing your shows on this app, you can take help from here. Just click on the help option, and tell what is troubling you on the app and it will be resolved in some time.
  • Settings – You will also find a settings option on this app where you can select everything according to your terms like volume, lighting, auto- play mode, or any other options.

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