Marvel Contest of Champions Battle Strategy

marvel contest of champions battle strategy

Marvel Contest Champions is a game of individual battles between Marvel Heroes. In this guide, we will furnish the best battle strategy. Proper use of them will not upset you, and you will always “K.O.” your enemy.

Know the basics

In the game, you are given an exclusive tutorial at the beginning to know the control mechanism. You will know how to attack, hard attack, defense, combos and special attack.

Understand these basics accurately, because once the tutorial is over, you will land up into real fighting.

Attack immediately

Attacking first is often easier. You’ve better shot down enemy H.P. by striking first. If the opponent blocks, you’ll get a couple of free shots the lower H.P. of your opponent.

When you are hit after shooting your attack, then at the expense of losing H.P., you recover your special meter even quicker. Nonetheless, it’s easier to be in the match in a striking manner.

Use your combos

Keep up with a robust series of attacking once the initial impact of your opponent is over. It means you’re not turning in the center to “defense” or “stop.”

By completing such assaults, you will almost never fail. If the opponent is blocking, you will get the full sequence, when they turn in the center, they will miss the assault more often than not.

Use Special in proper timing

The key techniques for discharging aggression against the opponent are your special attacks. Ensure that you land the specials without any obstacle, which implies finding the best timing for activating the special without being interrupted.

For particular, when you end the combo or positioning at the center of the enemy combo, then you can best use your specials.

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You lose all the Special meters whenever a fight comes to an end. So ensure that you use those marvel coc cheats to finish the enemies faster than pushing the batter out with an ordinary blow.

To retain your H.P., you’d instead use something special.

Hero Ability

Various heroes have unique combo types. Many variations are a series of hits, a near distance of 1 hit, or a variety of hits.

You can very likely hit in the air when you use the specials wrongly and just will be wasting specific Specials. You must learn what you’re using to provide the most damage before you use them.

The same also refers to the special of the opponent. Anticipate when they will use it and wait till it is fully charged. You just always keep an eye on the opponent’s special meter.

Such specials may be hard to avoid and obstruct, but if you have a fast eye and thumb, you may be able to encounter easily. The game is not a button mashing and requires your swift action to win.

Hard Attack from the proper distance

If there is a considerable distance between the adversary AI and you then it is adequate time to use your hard attack. Just wait for full recharge for the heavy attack to launch when they rush towards you.

If it’s right, the hard impact will blast them up at the bottom. You can knock out them before ever wasting any H.P. Even with charged assault you obtain faster specials.

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