Marvel puzzle quest cheats – Legit only

Marvel Puzzle Quest Cheats

Marvel puzzle quest is a match-three puzzle game launched and developed by D3Go. 175 marvel character come alive and play under your control in the game. Experience this fantastic role-playing game with these marvel puzzle quest cheats and get addicted to it.

The game became so popular that many players are desperate to know how to hack marvel puzzle quest. Here, we have some Marvel puzzle quest cheats for you to earn rewards quickly and easily in the game.

Tips tricks and cheats for marvel puzzle quest to earn coins

Choose your players wisely

Your players are the main heroes of the game. Choose your players wisely by checking their abilities, stats, stars and other skills. Pick the only character which matches best along with each other. Be careful while pairing characters as it can change the entire game. Always choose the best combination. Otherwise, no marvel puzzle quest cheats are useful.

Always knock out the most dominant player first

Beat The Strongest Opponents

On a battlefield, the first marvel puzzle quest hack is to attack the most influential players first. He is the one who can knock you down anytime soon in the game. Once you knock out the most durable players, half of your battle is already over. Now you can easily focus on the other players.

Keep grinding through the matches

There are a lot of rewards in a match which you will not get at the first time you clear the round. Marvel puzzle quest cheats to collect more rewards is to keep playing the matches again and again. This marvel puzzle quest hack will teach you to clear the levels effectively by receiving every single award.

Play defensive wherever required

Playing defensive does not mean you should not attack instead of choosing not to attack and defend yourself wherever it is possible. There are a lot of defensive attacks that you can select like armoured assault. You can choose to guard yourself rather than wasting your assaults in response to every attack. Your gameplay is your best way to win not the marvel puzzle quest hack apk that promises many but gives nothing.

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Classic Spider-man and Scorpio can team up well

These two long-term enemies can make a perfect combination. Spider-man carries web bandage ability, and Venom carries Symbiote snare, these two abilities can get well along with each for challenging levels. If possible, always try to team up these two characters.

Choose your free characters wisely

Characters Guide

In the beginning, you will get a lot of free characters, but that does not mean cluttering your space by picking every character without any ability. Since there will not be too many skills in the beginning, always choose the one who is better for long term use.

Keep upgrading your characters

In every new level, there will be more dangerous enemies, and t tackle them, your superheroes need to be well upgraded. Always upgrade your main characters at first only. These marvel puzzle quest cheats will save your resources from getting wasted on unnecessary things, and your main characters will get the best upgrades. Buy the best equipment and attacks for your characters to have an intense fight against the enemies.

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Multiplayer mode

Take advantage of playing in a multiplayer mode. Use collective powers to defeat your enemies and earn massive rewards. Make a strong strategy with your friends and turn the battles into a super exciting fight. Complicate your move so that opponents misjudge your approach in a multiplayer mode and earn rewards.

Player Vs Player tournament

In Dark reign, there will also be a player vs player tournament where all your players unite to fight with other teams of the game. It is the most exciting part of the game, where all the players fight in with each other, and the rewards are much more amazing. Play more PvP battles to collect huge rewards.

Some additional updated marvel puzzle quest hack

  • Booster pack are to be saved from the first match as they will be needed at tough campaigns.
  • Do not waste the free health card at first. Better to take a break and get the heroes revived in a few minutes.
  • Save your hero points to buy roaster space. Unless you have comfortable roaster taking part in events may be difficult.
  • Connect with Facebook and share rewards with friends. You may get the chance to have an extra health Card to share with them. You get such marvel puzzle quest hack only from us.
  • Stay connected with the social media page to know about the events. You can keep your heroes ready for an upcoming event.
  • Joining an active alliance is having multiple benefits and can give you iso-8 or additional roaster space.
  • Storyline battles are comparatively easy to complete with upgraded heroes.
  • Always play Lightning rounds as they are excellent marvel puzzle quest cheats to have huge rewards in a short span.
  • First-time completion bonus is ISO-8. But replay the events to collect all rewards.
  • Daily mission completion gives 50 hero points
  • Upgrade shield rank to get minimum 500 ISO-8

Wrap up

In search of a hack tool, many players have wasted their valuable times, including us. But none of the marvel puzzle quest mod apk has given any hero point to us. The only way to get ISO-8 is through all the rewards which we mentioned above.

That would be all for the cheats of the marvel puzzle quest: dark reign. Enjoy the world of marvel using these tips and make your game much more enjoyable. Hope these tricks and marvel puzzle quest cheats will help you earn coins efficiently and effectively.

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