Recommended Games Like Overwatch For Mac

Games Like Overwatch

Having a Mac serves great purposes, but not being able to play Overwatch on it really disappointed me, and maybe a lot of other users too. But wait a minute, does that mean MacOS doesn’t support any FPS game? No, that’s absolutely not right. There are a lot of exquisite and realistic FPS games available for Mac which are completely free-to-play.

Therefore, today we will be sorting out a few such wonderful Overwatch alternatives for Mac.

Top 7 Best Games Like Overwatch

  1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Released: 12 Dec 2017)

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has a deep sci-fi storyline, beautiful graphics and awesome weapons & abilities. But it’s a highly demanding game meaning you’ll need high levels of energy and enthusiasm to enjoy it. It’s supported by all mac versions release in or after 2016.

  1. Borderlands: The Pre Sequel (Released: 14 Oct 2014)

Borderlands: The Pre Sequel shows the story of the Borderlands 2 villain Handsome Jack and his rise to power. You can play as a protagonist and explore the moon, collect loots and weapons, choose different characters and also play in co-op (team).

It prompts new and unique features like low-gravity jumping, advanced weapons and latest weapons. It has fairly demanding requirements, therefore a 2013 version of Mac can also run it smoothly.

  1. Shadow Warrior (Released: 31 Mar 2015)

This one is an extremely violent game that includes shooting and thrilling assaulted combats. With an interesting story, hilarious voice acting, lots of guns and cool powers. Macs from 2014 can easily run this game without any hassles.

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  1. Team Fortress 2 (Released: 10 Jun 2010)

It was originally released as a free game in 2007, however, in 2010, it was ported to macOS. It’s still a very popular game with lots of modes, missions, weapons and more. But the striking fact is that it’s a really low-demanding game and can be supported by most of the macs.

  1. Day of Infamy (Released: 23 Mar 2017)

Day of Infamy is one of the most realistic and authentic representations of World War 2 games. Players can defend the borders, storm the beach, charge the enemies or use radio-based communication to call fire support and avail numerous such unique features in this game. It’s all about teamwork and it’s vital to push back the opposing teams or to complete objectives together. Macs from 2014 and later can run this game swiftly.

  1. ARMA 3 (Released: 01 Sep 2015)

An exciting attribute of ARMA 3 is that it can be played in both TPP (third-person perspective) and FPP (first-person perspective) modes of fighting. It has got a highly engrossing storyline that can be felt at every single moment in the game. But it requires a high-end mac released in 2016 or later, to run.

  1. Paladins (Released: 9 May 2018)

Being a totally free game available for the macOS, Paladins rests at a much higher level of graphics and proficiently designed gameplay. There are lots of maps, modes and classes to choose from, and also numerous online players. Any mac versions released in 2012 or later, can experience the true wonders of this game.

Moreover, there are tons of honorable mentions we must wanted to have in our list but still, many reputed portals already have written about them a lot. For even more list of games like overwatch, one can try the in-depth list of 18 Similar Games Like Overwatch (Free & Paid) to Play in 2019 that is mentioned on Impact Research.

Also, stay tuned for more gaming updates.

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