Skyrim Tips and Tricks for Easy Rewards

skyrim game tips and tricks

The best part of Skyrim is its immensely large world of fantasy, in which you can roam around, fight and follow your missions comfortably, just like you were doing all that in the real world. But collecting enough in-game resources is as important as fueling a ship for a long sea-venture.

Therefore, keeping all such conditions in mind, we have fabricated a bunch of special and legit tricks and methods for quickly earning rewards in Skyrim.

Tips & Tricks To Earn More Rewards In Skyrim

Here you go for the skyrim tips and tricks to get more rewards from your gameplay

Guardian Stones give a 20 % experience bonus:

After you begin a new game and if you wish to level up quickly, utilize the Guardian Stones. They’re situated on the road to Riverwood. Choosing one of the stones will give you a 20 % passive increase to experience given from that set of skills. You will also be receiving many rested bonuses from time to time.

Do honest work for honest gold:

For earning gold early on in the game, you can chop wood, work in the mines and harvest produces at the local farms. Selling whatever you collect, to the owner of these places can earn you a good amount of gold every time.

Mine ores quicker with equipped pickaxes:

During your farming period, you can speed up the process, by using the right tools for doing it. E.g. instead of going through the long and arduous mining process, you can equip your pickaxe or others if you want to be really efficient. By swinging the axe for only up to 9 times, you can get all the materials within it.

Prepare the Venison Stew:

Instead of selling all the potatoes and leeks that you’ve been gathering, find some salts in barrels and sacks and kill some deers for Venison, to make the Venison Stew. Consuming it will regenerate your health and stamina at a constant rate, and especially for combat purposes, it can serve you with endless power backup.

Do free crash courses for learning craft skills:

Before starting to craft for the first time, you can ask Blacksmiths, Alchemists and Enchanters to give you a complete rundown of the same. From these, you can earn a lot of experience in crafting new items.

Know about your quests from Inkeepers:

While being in a town, you can find out about the local happenings and be lead to several rewarding quests, just by heading to the inkeepers/bartenders of the town. This is also a great way of getting bounty quests.

Donate your loots to nearby beggars or sell them:

Giving off some of your coins to the nearby beggars for free can earn you gifts for charity. This raises the speed of your crafting processes by 10 % for an hour. This also makes buying and selling prices better for you.

Skill books have high gold value:

In Skyrim, there are a lot of books, and let’s be honest, you’re not really gonna read through all of them. But Skill books are the most precious ones among all other books, as with every skill book, you can earn a new skill free-of-cost. This would increase your skill level significantly. So, before trying out a pile of books, look at their gold values to understand which are worth reading.

With all that said, I’d also request everyone to avoid following unlawful hacks for earning more coins in Skyrim as they are mostly scams. Devote a good lot of time to the game in order to excel your performance in it.

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