The Walking Dead Road to Survival Tricks That Player Need To Know


The Walking Dead Road to Survival is a role-playing game, and also the player has to kill the zombies in it. There are several things in The Walking Dead Road to Survival that players can do.

Killing the zombie and saving the teammates is a major thing in The Walking Dead Road to Survival, but layers also have to make the base as well.

Zombies are outnumbered in The Walking Dead Road to Survival, but it doesn’t mean that players can’t kill the zombies, but you have to know the right trick and strategy to win. Don’t worry, i am not talking about any game hack or cheat here. I am talking about real methods and tricks.

Moreover, you can read more and truth about the walking dead road to survival mod apk hack or cheats which will open your eyes and burst several myths about it.

Unlocking the new character is also part of the game that gamers have to fulfill. There are several things that so many players don’t know, even if they play it on a daily basis.

It can enhance your winning chances and will help you to earn even more in the game. All these things and written below –

Important Tips of the Walking Dead Road to Survival

Unlock the character by completing the story

There are several kinds of characters that are available in the game, some characters in the game are rare, and too unlocking them you have to complete several kinds of missions.

Beginning missions can be easier for you, but for the higher missions, you have to play with proper strategy and planning.

You have to complete some missions in particular timing, and they can reward you some rare characters if you complete those missions.

Look for the levels daily and make a goal

In order to reach higher levels, players have to watch their levels on a daily basis. You can also watch the daily events that are running, and if you apply in that, you have a triple win amount of coins or rewards.

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Don’t get caught in obstacles

After reaching a certain level of the game, you will find the obstacles in the game, and when you are playing a level that has obstacles, just avoid that.

Avoiding is the best way because you can kill the zombies if you are stuck in the obstacle. At the beginning of the game, you may not see the obstacles, but at the higher levels, there will be so many obstacles to watch out.

Know the traits of characters

Every character has some strength, some are strong, some are fast; some are alert type, and some are tough. You can use their traits as your advantage by using the strategy of it against the enemy.

Every player has one, and it’s a great thing. Strong character deals great damage to the opponent, and tough character deals with serious damage from the opponent.

Used items in battle to win

It is a tool that can help you to win the battles. There are several types of items that are available in the game. Every battle item is unique, and there are several kinds of benefits from it. Some use for the teams and some items use against the enemy to give them damage.

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