Toon Blast – Learn Everything about the Game and Features

learn everything about toon blast game

Welcome to the world of cartoons with many amazing things to explore. The game Toon Blast is a mobile game, and it is based on the puzzle.

The majority of players in the world play it because the experience and features in-game is so amazing, and this is why it is well known in the world.

The developers of the game are Peak, who have made the game, especially for fun and find new people and play with them.

There are so many things in-game that you will understand when play. It is true that it’s a puzzle game, but still, there are so many amazing features available that many games do not provide.

Learn more about Toon Blast

It’s a beautiful puzzle game because the graphics which is available in-game and experience are so rich. With its attractive design and many amazing things that players can do apart from just solving puzzles. Everything which is available in the game is so amazing, and now we will discuss it in the following –

Solve the puzzles

There are many benefits of playing puzzle games because with just playing, you can refresh your brain and skills as well.

So many levels available in the game it is really amazing. In every level, you have to attach the same bricks by clicking on the wall.

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Every wall of the level has some brick hidden, which can or cannot attach to the same wall, and it depends on your techniques.

Well, the game is quite simple to play, but you have to play it with proper strategy as well.

Earn rewards

Boosters are the reward in-game, and these Are so helpful in-game to complete it, and there are so many players do does not know the real value of boosters that is why is not able to complete many of the levels.

Every booster has a unique specialty, and it helps players to complete the levels faster by solving the puzzles. You may also like to know about how to hack toon blast game to get free gems and coins that will help you in level up fast.

Amazing graphics

as I mentioned above that the graphics of the game are so attractive because they look like a cartoon, which is the plus point of it.

There are so many games available in Playstore and Appstore, but they do not provide the same graphics, and in the competition, they lose very badly.

The developers have done amazing work graphics and effects to experience so cool while playing.


  • You can make new friends in-game
  • Talk to friends with texting
  • Make the team and win the puzzles easily
  • Lives are so important and try to keep them
  • Sync the game easily with other phone and tablets

Features matter a lot in a game because without these there is nothing in the game that players can experience.

The competition in mobile games is so huge, and that is why players are also willing to play those who provide great features to play.

Millions of players play it, and everyday new levels launch from the developers to play.

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