Top 5 best media player for Windows PC in 2019


Finding the perfect media player for your Windows PC is one of the most challenging tasks as you want everything in one media player.

Users want everything in one media player who can run all type of formats like FLV, MKV MP4, etc. So here is the list of the top 5 media players for your Windows PC.

Best media players for Windows PC

1.     VLC Media player

Currently, VLC media player is on the top for all the windows users. This media player is the most versatile and the most simple media player among the other entire media players available.

Due to its easy accessibility and user- friendly features, VLC has become the most popular media player among the users.

The reason behind its popularity is it works on all the Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10 and plays almost all the formats. That is the reason it sets it apart.

2.     PotPlayer

This media player might not be, especially over VLC player but it has tons of better customization options in its list.

The only thing which enables the users to choose VLC over PotPlayer is its lengthy settings and too much feature. Overall this is the best media player for windows 10 if you need lots of options for your viewing on all windows platforms.

There is a wide range of customization options, including keyboard shortcuts, brightness, bookmarks, contrast, etc. which will be useful for all your purposes.

3.     KM Player

KM Player is famous for its better customization options and availability on all platforms from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Km Player has a wide range of feature which sets it apart from other media player and lightweight which enables them to multitask. You can take advantage of its features like editing the subtitles, set your favourites or bookmark whatever you want, etc. A long list of audio and video effects makes it easy for you to select what you want.

4.     Media Player Classic- Home Cinema

Media player Classic is the extended version of the Classic Media Player after its popularity. To make it more lightweight and quick, the developers have created this Home Cinema version.

This player supports a lot more formats than other media players, moreover is a good fit for the Windows 10 version as it has better audio and video effects.

Among all different Media Player versions, the Home Cinema is better as it keeps updating its features to provide better performance.

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5.     GOM Player

The Gretech Online Movie Player or GOM Player supports a long list of formats which enables you to change skin, download subtitles, audio video effects, speed control, etc.

These are many features which set it apart among all other media player. You can also search the missing Codec in the Codec Finder service in this media player.

It runs perfectly on windows 10. The codec finder and subtitle finder are the features which make this stand out of all other media players.

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