Top 5 Ways To Earn Free Diamonds in Covet Fashion Game

covet fashion free diamonds

Are you a fashion lover? Want to learn new fashion designs or to design a virtual dummy? Yes? Then you should try the Covet Fashion game once to solve all queries. It is a new style/fashion virtual game introduced for both iOS and Android devices.

In the game, players need to create an Avatar besides need to make it supermodel by changing fashionable brands, hairstyles, skins, and overall look.

One can easily find many exciting challenges, missions, events, rewards, in the game, which helps to enjoy more.

Playing the game smoothly helps players to explore unlimited entertainment also reduce mental stress. There is no need to pay any cent for downloading or running the game, but some game items are purchasable.

Here we are going to discuss some interesting ways to earn free diamonds in covet fashion game along with some facts about the game which permits users to gain more knowledge.

Use Game Tutorial For Better Understanding of Covet Fashion

If you are a newbie to Covet Fashion game, then it is essential to understand game tutorial first. Overseeing tutorial helps you to understand game basics, controls, missions, challenges also how to play smoothly.

covet fashion guide

It is an excellent chance for beginners to understand the basics and enjoy the game as they want.

Login Daily And Earn Free Diamonds in Covet Fashion

Logging in the game daily offers 100 diamonds besides 20 tickets to the users. Don’t forget to login in the game on a daily basis if you want to collect more resources in less time. Either if you don’t have more time to play the game, try to sign in routinely for obtaining different rewards. Also long with this you can use covet hacks 2020 which are very effective online.

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Diamonds and tickets are two of the game currencies which help users to progress faster without going lack of resources.

Make Use of Proper Garments to Create Your Avatar

There are hundreds of garments brands added in the game from which you can make the Avatar more charming as well as a supermodel. Participating in different challenges offers a certain amount of rewards to players includes in-game currencies.

Collecting all rewards as well as currencies, helps them to purchase expensive outfits according to their choice, favorites, and mood. Don’t forget to complete the challenge without getting out of the game.

Enjoy Voting

You and other players are allowed to vote for each separate model. One can easily vote for the best outfit. Taking part in the voting segment creates different suspense in the players as well as they can enjoy the ratings more.

Getting high rates on your Avatar also offers bonus rewards which can be used for a different purpose.

Try Covet Fashion With Your Friends & Family

Connecting the game account with Facebook offers different kinds of benefits to the users. For example, performing this task helps them to invite friends, play in a group, progress in the game faster, borrow clothing items from each other, and obtain a certain amount of in-game currencies.

It allows you to play with friends and enjoy the game more like no one another can.

So we can easily conclude that there are different surprising facts available in Covet Fashion game which offers more entertainment to gamers.

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