Ultimate Progression Guide for Summoners War

how to progress faster in summoners war

The Summoners War is an engaging game and players have to know the fundamentals of progressing the game faster.

In this progression guide, we will be providing you with the ultimate guide so that you know all the aspects of progressing higher.

Summoners War Farming

The method of levelling is called ‘ farming ‘ in the Summoners War. That is because you have a minimal way that gives XPs and you have to perform them consistently.

In other terms, until you create a team of 5-star monsters, you will be doing the same tasks again and again.

Scenario Missions.

The game’s main activities are scenario missions. Without constraints, you can replay any event you perform. For each activity you complete, you also gain XP points.

Such tasks will also allow you to obtain new monsters as well as collections of runes.

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Arena Battles

Arena challenges are a quicker way than main missions to obtain XP points. In all of these campaigns, each battle only lasts a couple of minutes to fight against the monsters of your opponent players.

It will be much short than a scenario quest, but more beneficial than that. You get both XP rewards and medals when you complete this fight.

You might buy scrolls, and you can use it to label monsters with some of those medals. But before doing that, try to use a summoners war hack that will do it for free for you.

Dungeon Farming.

When you level past 20, you might not have enough XP points from the scenario and arena battles. During this level, the start of secret dungeon and maze runs will make XP points more effective.

The hidden dungeons are only available for one hour, and then you have to destroy the stream of enemies.

You can gain several more XP points, even with a single hidden dungeon run. Remember that you have to join a guild to go for labyrinth-run.

Empowering Your Monsters

All the above action will also reward you a lot of new monsters. You must keep the best of them whom you can empower.

Rune Sets.

You will win the majority of runes for your adventures, particularly in scenario missions. You have six rune slots for each monster, so possibly all must be filled.

You may consider runes as “enhancement gears”: each stone increases specific monster statistics. You need to “engrave” a rune to your monster to use it for them.

Powering Up.

The easiest way to increase a monster’s rate is to use other monsters you won’t use and power up your monster with it. You will get 5–10 levels at a time with this form.

But power up and evolving are not same, and you must keep that in mind. Evolving increases the rating of stars, not the monster level.

Ideally, you can get a 6-star monster evolving a three-star monster. Strengthening power only raises rates without altering star numbers.

Wrap up

You now learned how to manage the monsters faster and motivate them. We want to keep our users updated and make you a more effective summoner by informing every aspect of a game. So visit our site frequently.

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