Which Microsoft office software is best to use?

Microsoft office is the software which is present on every computer. Everyone wants to have reliable Microsoft office software in their PC. But make sure to choose the one which suits to the operating system. The entire documentation can be done with the help of this software. There is different Microsoft software available, but it can create confusion in minds for which one to choose. All are good in their own specification, but there is one problem which will get a rise.

The software does not suit to every computer; one needs to check that either they will go with the system or not. In the further mentioned paragraphs, we will talk about little Microsoft office software. With the help of this mentioned one, it will make it easier for the person to take the right decision for the one.


The LibreOffice Microsoft office software is free to use and can come in use for the commercial purpose also. Everything which one wants from the software, the libreoffice software helps to make it possible. It is a fully MS office compatible software and has a huge software suite too. If you are one of them who use the paid one’s software then trying libreoffice will be the right option. When someone adopts this software, they will also start wondering why they have invested so much on other paid software. It contains almost 6 programs in it which help in doing the entire office working. It is designed for the vector diagrams also.

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Google Docs, Sheets and slides

It is the cross platform. It can integrate with Google Drive. In this, mobile applications are also available. There is one negative point about this software which is that it hardly opens the older files. It makes it really very tricky to open those older files. If one wants to join forces between Mac and PC then the Google Docs, Sheets and Slides should be the first priority of people. In this software, one will not get extra advanced tools as the libreoffice offers, but still, it is a good option to work with. The software uses web fonts rather than storing in ones in your device.

Microsoft Office online

Microsoft is the most popular office software among people. It is the software which is having full compatibility with other desktop applications. It works on the one drive. There is drawback which is present in the Microsoft Office Online which is having lack of some advanced tools as compared to the other ones. If someone is interested in using this software for the general purpose, then it will be the right choice. The software does not need any file to get converted before start working on them. One can share the files easily via Microsoft OneDrive account.

So now one can easily decide which Microsoft office software they want to choose for their PC. There are many other options also available. Those who are not satisfied can go through following source for knowing about other software.

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